Organize Your Entire Life with a Free Calendar App

I know the title of this post may seem a little out there, but stay with me on this. I am going to show you how you can organize your entire life with a free calendar app by Cozi.

Free Calendar App by Cozi

Free Calendar App by Cozi

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My family and I have been using this free calendar app by Cozi for 10 years. I have tried other apps in the past but always come back to this one. This is also the ONLY app I recommend to my organizing clients and they LOVE it! No other free calendar app has the number of features that Cozi has.

When using the Cozi app you are able to:

  • Coordinate EVERYONE’S schedules and activities in one place! Now everyone can be on the same page. Each member of your family can access the calendar on their own device. They will then be able to view the entire family’s schedule or just their own schedule. Anytime changes are made to the calendar a notification can be sent to let everyone know! This feature has helped my family on numerous occasions when there were last minute appointment changes.
  • Create and track grocery lists! Now you don’t have to keep separate lists or use sticky notes to keep track of your needed grocery items. You’ll have your list at your fingertips while shopping at the store. Also, anyone signed in to your account can view the list and pick up items from the store.  The list feature also works for regular shopping lists, gift lists, school supply lists, and more! This feature is priceless for me and my family during grocery and holiday shopping!
  • Create and manage To-Do or chore lists! Actually, you can create as many task lists as you want! You can create a to-do list for someone else or a chore list for your kids. The great thing about this feature is that the task can be checked off in the app when completed so you can see what has and hasn’t been done. If your kids are too young to access the app themselves, print it out and hang it in a spot where they can see it and check off the items when they are completed. I usually offer rewards for completing the chore list by a certain day or time so I don’t have to constantly check or nag about getting things done.
  • Plan dinner meals!  This is another one of my favorite features of the Cozi app. You have the ability to add your favorite recipes and even save them from a website to the app. Once the recipe is loaded into the app, you can add the ingredients to your grocery list!  Then, drag and drop the recipes onto the calendar so everyone will know what’s for dinner each night.  Another thing I love is that when you are cooking, the screen stays lit so you don’t have to keep touching it to follow the recipe. This helps to keep your device’s screen clean. LOVE THIS!! 🙂
  • Integrate Cozi with other calendars! Currently, Cozi can be integrated with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook. The great thing about this feature is that you can share calendar appointments into Cozi from other calendars or you can add Cozi’s appointments to other calendars. This works well when you subscribe to other calendars for school, sports, or work. Now you don’t have to check multiple calendars…everything is in one place!
  • Pay Nothing…IT’S FREE!! In case you missed it earlier, Cozi is a free calendar app. There is a paid version available, but all of the features I’ve mentioned here are totally free!

If being free isn’t enough reason to try Cozi, how about the fact that Cozi currently has 20 MILLION users, a 4.5-star rating with iTunes and Google Play, and is a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner?

If you’re ready to give Cozi a try, click here to download it today. I’m sure you’ll love it! Let me know in the comments what your favorite feature is or will be. 🙂

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5 Money-Saving Mobile Apps You Must Have

One question I hear often is “What is the best way to save money?” Although I use multiple strategies and techniques to save, I LOVE to use mobile apps. I’m going to share with you 5 money-saving mobile apps you must have!

5 Money-Saving Mobile Apps

5 Money-Saving Mobile Apps

These apps allow me to save money without clipping or reading sales circulars. I also don’t have to worry about forgetting my coupons at home because my phone is always with me! 🙂

In a previous post, I mentioned apps that I use to save money and here I’ll mention some new ones that I’ve discovered since then.

  1. KidsMealDeals lets you know which restaurants near you offer free or reduced-priced meals for kids. (Free for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry)
  2. RetailMeNot will find coupons for you while you’re out shopping. Just pull up the coupon and let the cashier scan it to receive your savings. If you turn on your Notification, it will let you know if you are near your favorite stores and if they have coupons available. (Free for Android and iPhone)
  3. Favado lets you select stores you shop at and it will search its database and let you know what’s on sale at that store. If a coupon is available for that item, it will tell you where to find it. This app is great for planning out your grocery shopping trip and eliminates the need to check store circulars. You can even select the type of items you want it to search. (Free for Android and iPhone)
  4. GasBuddy will let you know the cheapest place to fill up your tank. (Free for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry)
  5. Grocery iQ allows you to scan barcodes to create a grocery list and the app will show you if there’s a coupon to either print or load onto your store card. (Free for Android and iPhone)

So now you know a few of my favorite apps that I use to save money. Let me know if you are using similar apps or if you are using one that I did not mention.

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Clean Your Mirrors Quickly and Naturally

I know you probably use Windex or another brand of glass cleaner to clean your mirrors, but I have a much better solution for you that is chemical free!

Right now, we are all loving the chemical-free options to clean our homes, so here’s another one to add to your list.

Clean Your Mirrors Quickly and Naturally

Clean Your Mirrors Quickly and Naturally

When you’re ready to clean your mirrors, pull out your trusty vinegar and a spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle halfway with vinegar and the rest with water. Give it a good shake and you’re ready to go to town. I have found that using microfiber cloths are a great option for getting a streak-free shine.

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If you have anything sticky on your mirror, spritz it with the vinegar spray first and use one side of the cloth to wipe it away. Once all of the sticky stuff is gone, spray the entire mirror, flip your cloth over, and wipe from side to side. Make sure you start at the top and move down the mirror as you go.

When you’re done, step to the side of the mirror to see if you’ve missed a spot and just use your cloth to touch it up.

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There you have it! Your mirrors should now be shining and free of any streaks! 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you currently use this method to clean your mirrors, or if you’re cleaning them another way.

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