7 Quick Steps to Organize Your Entire Home

Your home should be a place of rest and rejuvenation. If you’re buried in clutter, I’m sure you and your family are not excited to come home every day. So, today I’d like to post 7 quick steps to organize your entire home.

7 quick steps to organize your entire home

7 Quick Steps to Organize Your Entire Home

Here are 7 quick steps to get you started on the road to organizing your home:

  1. Start by keeping a trash can in each room (office, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms). This will help you discard trash right away and not set it down on a counter or worse, the floor!
  2. Until you are able to get to some serious organizing, don’t bring any new items into the house.  You might start finding items you thought you lost or didn’t have… they were just buried or put away somewhere forgotten. Wait until you organize the items you currently own before purchasing any new items. Remember, the more things you have, the more things you have to take care of. Less is more!
  3. Place a recycling bin/trash can and shredder wherever you collect the mail. You can immediately shred or trash the mail you don’t intend to read. Place the mail you’d like to keep in a basket or tray to be sorted later.
  4. Do a quick pick up each day. Each night before bed, do a quick run through of the house and put things where they belong. Have the kids help as well if their things are laying around. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes, then enjoy the rest of the evening. In our house, we live by the expression “Everything Has a Place”. If you keep this saying in mind, it will help you maintain order in your home. Everything that enters your home must have a home of its own…if you use something, put it back when you are finished with it. It may seem like more work to stay on top of things, but in the long run, it will save you a lot of time and stress.  If you don’t tend to the objects in your life, they can easily turn into clutter.
  5. Place hampers in everyone’s closet or bathroom. This will eliminate the need to throw dirty clothes and towels on the floor and will make laundry day that much easier.
  6. Put a hook near the entry door. Hang your keys on the hook when you enter the house and then you can just grab them on the way out!
  7. Ask for help! You are not the only person in your house capable of tidying up. Keeping the house in order should be everyone’s responsibility. Teach everyone how to pick up after themselves and the load should feel just a little bit lighter.

If you commit to following these 7 quick steps to organize your entire home, I am sure you will start to feel the stress of clutter begin to melt away. You and your family will begin to feel calmer and possibly more connected. Hopefully, this feeling will inspire you to tackle the entire house…a little at a time…room by room.

What daily tip does your family implement to keep clutter under control? Share them in the comments! 🙂

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7 Easy Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

There are 7 easy ways to save money at the grocery store. It’s all about changing your mindset towards savings.

7 easy ways to save money at the grocery store

7 Easy Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Just by following these few simple tips, you will be able to dramatically reduce your grocery bill.

  1. Never go to the grocery store without a list and stick to the list! If you are shopping for the week, write down everything you will need for that week. Check your recipe books to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients on your list. When I am writing out my list, I always think: “What do I need for breakfast this week?”. Then I write down everything I need. Then I think, “What do I need for lunches?” and so on. While at the store, don’t pick up items that aren’t on your list-just add it to next week’s list.
  2. Don’t be loyal to particular brands-try the generic brands. Generics are cheaper than the store brands and many stores will give you double your money back if you are not satisfied with their brands.
  3. Don’t fall into the supermarket’s traps. Decoding supermarket sales can help you save a lot of money. If the sale states “10 for $10”, you don’t have to buy 10 items to get the sale. You can buy one item and pay $1 for it. If the sale is a little trickier like 3 for $5, calculate how much one item would be ($1.67) and determine if that is a good price to pay.
  4. Unless you are using coupons, it is usually better to get the larger item. Always compare the unit price found on the sticker. It will tell you if purchasing the smaller item is a better deal. (You are sometimes better off buying the smaller item if the smaller item is on sale or if you are using coupons.)
  5. Take cash to the store. Taking cash to the store will keep you on budget and will stop you from buying items that are not on your list. If you pay with a credit or debit card, you will spend about 12% more than if you paid with cash.
  6. Shop around for the best deals. You will be able to save more money if you are able to shop at 2 or more different stores. Certain stores are known for great sales on specific items.  If you look at the store’s weekly circular, you can see what items they have on sale. Consider purchasing personal care products at drugstores, Wal-Mart or Target. Supermarkets have the highest prices for personal care products.
  7. Clip coupons. Of course, I wasn’t going to let you off that easy! Clipping coupons will definitely save you a lot of money on groceries and it doesn’t have to take much time. Allot a certain amount of time each week to clip and organize your coupons. It’s free money!

As you can see, shopping wisely and following these easy tips can help you save big money when shopping for groceries.

What savings tips do you have to add?

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Decorate Your Home Using Feng Shui

There are so many simple ways to decorate your home using feng shui. I am a HUGE fan and use feng shui in my own home. I always recommend it when helping others decorate their homes as well.

Feng shui (pronounced “fung shwey”) is the Chinese art of creating balance when arranging furniture in the home. It helps energy flow freely, and when you incorporate elements of feng shui, your home will feel calm, relaxed and happy. Who doesn’t want that? 😉

Using Feng Shui to Decorate Your Home

Using Feng Shui to Decorate Your Home

Let’s go room-by-room, shall we?

We’ll start in the Bedroom:

  • The bed should be placed against the farthest wall from the door. If that’s not feasible, placing it on a side wall is ok. There should be a clear view of the door. If the foot of the bed is directly in front of the door, place a chest or small sofa there to block the energy from escaping the room. Leave space on each side of the bed.
  • Symmetry works wonders for energy in a room, so having nightstands and lighting on each side of the bed creates a cozy, enveloping feeling.

Next, the Living/Family Room:

  • The sofa should be placed against a wall farthest from where you enter the room. When seated, you should have a clear view of the entry. If you’re not able to place it against a solid wall, put a console table behind it and decorate it with tall accessories. No one feels secure having their backs to the door when seated, so if you must position your sofa this way, consider putting a mirror across from it, so you are able to see behind you.
  • Situate your seating so it is conducive to conversation. All chairs do not need to be against a wall or facing the TV.
  • To add to the welcoming feeling, be sure each seat has a place to rest a glass or book on.
  • To help energy flow freely, place a round or oval coffee table in the room. Anything with rounded corners will work.
  • Consider adding sheers, curtains, or blinds to the windows to prevent the energy from escaping the room.

And finally, the Dining Room:

  • Once you place your dining table in the room, make sure there’s enough room to pull out the chairs and still have space to walk behind them.
  • A rug under the table will help ground the space and encourage conversation.
  • Include a combination of materials like metals, mirrors, wood and linen to help calm the space.
  • Use your dining room whenever you can. If the room is not being used, energy is not flowing. If you don’t eat in your dining room often, consider using it for puzzles, arts and crafts, or even office space. Just be sure to clean up afterward so it doesn’t create clutter.

So hopefully these quick tips will get you inspired to decorate your home using feng shui. Do you plan to incorporate any of these tips in your home?

Happy decorating!

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