5 Money-Saving Mobile Apps You Must Have

One question I hear often is “What is the best way to save money?” Although I use multiple strategies and techniques to save, I LOVE to use mobile apps. I’m going to share with you 5 money-saving mobile apps you must have!

5 Money-Saving Mobile Apps

5 Money-Saving Mobile Apps

These apps allow me to save money without clipping or reading sales circulars. I also don’t have to worry about forgetting my coupons at home because my phone is always with me! 🙂

In a previous post, I mentioned apps that I use to save money and here I’ll mention some new ones that I’ve discovered since then.

  1. KidsMealDeals lets you know which restaurants near you offer free or reduced-priced meals for kids. (Free for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry)
  2. RetailMeNot will find coupons for you while you’re out shopping. Just pull up the coupon and let the cashier scan it to receive your savings. If you turn on your Notification, it will let you know if you are near your favorite stores and if they have coupons available. (Free for Android and iPhone)
  3. Favado lets you select stores you shop at and it will search its database and let you know what’s on sale at that store. If a coupon is available for that item, it will tell you where to find it. This app is great for planning out your grocery shopping trip and eliminates the need to check store circulars. You can even select the type of items you want it to search. (Free for Android and iPhone)
  4. GasBuddy will let you know the cheapest place to fill up your tank. (Free for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry)
  5. Grocery iQ allows you to scan barcodes to create a grocery list and the app will show you if there’s a coupon to either print or load onto your store card. (Free for Android and iPhone)

So now you know a few of my favorite apps that I use to save money. Let me know if you are using similar apps or if you are using one that I did not mention.

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7 Easy Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

There are 7 easy ways to save money at the grocery store. It’s all about changing your mindset towards savings.

7 easy ways to save money at the grocery store

7 Easy Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Just by following these few simple tips, you will be able to dramatically reduce your grocery bill.

  1. Never go to the grocery store without a list and stick to the list! If you are shopping for the week, write down everything you will need for that week. Check your recipe books to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients on your list. When I am writing out my list, I always think: “What do I need for breakfast this week?”. Then I write down everything I need. Then I think, “What do I need for lunches?” and so on. While at the store, don’t pick up items that aren’t on your list-just add it to next week’s list.
  2. Don’t be loyal to particular brands-try the generic brands. Generics are cheaper than the store brands and many stores will give you double your money back if you are not satisfied with their brands.
  3. Don’t fall into the supermarket’s traps. Decoding supermarket sales can help you save a lot of money. If the sale states “10 for $10”, you don’t have to buy 10 items to get the sale. You can buy one item and pay $1 for it. If the sale is a little trickier like 3 for $5, calculate how much one item would be ($1.67) and determine if that is a good price to pay.
  4. Unless you are using coupons, it is usually better to get the larger item. Always compare the unit price found on the sticker. It will tell you if purchasing the smaller item is a better deal. (You are sometimes better off buying the smaller item if the smaller item is on sale or if you are using coupons.)
  5. Take cash to the store. Taking cash to the store will keep you on budget and will stop you from buying items that are not on your list. If you pay with a credit or debit card, you will spend about 12% more than if you paid with cash.
  6. Shop around for the best deals. You will be able to save more money if you are able to shop at 2 or more different stores. Certain stores are known for great sales on specific items.  If you look at the store’s weekly circular, you can see what items they have on sale. Consider purchasing personal care products at drugstores, Wal-Mart or Target. Supermarkets have the highest prices for personal care products.
  7. Clip coupons. Of course, I wasn’t going to let you off that easy! Clipping coupons will definitely save you a lot of money on groceries and it doesn’t have to take much time. Allot a certain amount of time each week to clip and organize your coupons. It’s free money!

As you can see, shopping wisely and following these easy tips can help you save big money when shopping for groceries.

What savings tips do you have to add?

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5 Entertainment Freebies {Yep, FREE!}

We’re all looking for ways to save a buck, so I put together 5 entertainment freebies!

5 entertainment freebies

5 Entertainment Freebies

  1. Text Redbox to 727272 and receive a free movie code each month.
  2. Download the Pandora app on your smartphones and tablets to enjoy free music. You can also visit Pandora.com and listen to free music on your computer.  Just enter your favorite artists and Pandora will create a playlist just for you.
  3. There are tons of ways to get your hands on free books. One way is to visit your local library, and another is to download e-books from the following sites: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Project Gutenberg. Take your pick!
  4. Learn a new language for free if your library is connected to the Mango service. See if Mango Languages is available at your library and begin learning a new language today!
  5. Bank of America and Merrill Lynch customers with debit or credit cards can gain free access to 150 museums on the first weekend of each month.

Who said “Nothing in life is free”? 😉

If you have any other free entertainment options to add, please include them in the comments below.

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Enjoy! 🙂

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