How to Save Money When Eating Out

When people think about saving money, they usually think about saving money on their groceries. Well, I’ll show you how to save money when eating out!

The only time our family goes out to eat is when we are able to save money when eating out. We receive free or discounted meals each and every time.

How to Save Money When Eating Out

How to Save Money When Eating Out

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Visit There you can browse restaurants in your area and purchase a $10 gift certificate for $4 or a $25 certificate for $10. frequently runs sales and I have been able to get $25 certificates for $2. Print the certificates and keep them in your car so you will always have them available. There is also an app you can download to your phone.
  2. Sign up for Groupon. This site offers 50-90% discounts for restaurants in your area. They also offer discounts for entertainment as well as goods and services.
  3. Visit your favorite restaurant’s websites and sign up to receive e-mail offers. Enter your birthday on those sites and you’ll receive coupons for discounted or free meals and desserts the month of your birthday.
  4. Follow your favorite restaurants on Twitter and Facebook. A lot of times they will offer special deals to their followers that they don’t offer to the public.
  5. Eat out for lunch instead of dinner. You’re getting the same meal, just paying less for it. Depending on what you order, the meal could be a little smaller than what’s offered for dinner, but most of the time, it’s the same size.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to obtain coupons and save money when eating out. Once the coupon offers start rolling in, you will wonder why you ever paid full price for a meal!

How do you save money when eating out? Let me know in the comments below…I love to learn new ways to save! 🙂

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The Easiest Way to Save Money on Summer Outings

Summertime is supposed to be the laziest time of the year. If that’s so, why are so many of us busier during the summer than any other time of the year? This post will show you the easiest way to save money on summer outings.

save money on summer Outings the easy way

Save Money on Summer Outings the Easy Way

Our family hit the ground running on the first day of their summer break and we haven’t slowed down yet!

One problem with all this busyness is that you have the potential to spend a lot more money in the summer with all of the activities and trips planned. So I set out to find ways to save money on summer outings the easy way.

While planning a visit to an amusement park this summer, I came across a few ways to save on this very expensive excursion. Thank goodness, because before the discounts, it would have cost us over $300 for a one-day outing!

Hopefully, these tips will help you save money while planning your summer outings.

  1. Use some type of coupon. Coupons can be found in stores, soda cans, newspapers, memberships with warehouse clubs, AAA and by going to the website. Usually there are discounted prices to be had if you go online and purchase advance tickets. If you are in the military, be sure to inquire about discounts. A lot of attractions offer free admission if you are active in the military. There are great discounts for those retired from the military also.
  2. Bring food with you. Most places will not allow you to bring food in, but you can fill a cooler and leave it in your car to enjoy when you get hungry. It will definitely be cheaper and possibly healthier this way.
  3. If you decide to eat at the park, try to eat before 11 am or after 1. Most people eat between those times and the food lines will be super long and eat up your fun time. (Not really a money saver-but definitely a time saver 🙂 )
  4. Try to get the group rate. Get a few families to go along with you to receive a discounted rate. You’ll also save on gas and parking fees if you carpool. Also, if you or a member of your family is active or retired military look out for discounts for those as well.
  5. Allocate a set amount for each child to spend on souvenirs. Purchase the items right before you leave, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them around with you all day.

Those are some of my tips for saving money on summer outings. If you have any tips to add, feel free to include them in the comments section below.

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10 Ways to Eat Healthy and Save Money

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are 10 ways to eat healthy and save money at the same time.

10 ways to eat healthy and save money

10 Ways to Eat Healthy and Save Money

  1. Purchase plain rolled oats instead of the packets of oatmeal. The packets cost more and the flavored ones add lots of sugar to them.
  2. Purchase canned wild salmon over farm raised. Farm raised may have pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
  3. Purchase 70% lean beef. I know, we’ve been told to purchase the leanest meat possible, but once the meat is cooked, the calories and fat are almost the same. Just be sure to drain the meat well.
  4. Purchase a turkey breast and roast it instead of buying pre-packaged turkey. The turkey breast costs less per pound and has less sodium than deli turkey.
  5. Purchase frozen fruits and vegetables. Frozen fruits and veggies are just as healthy as fresh and they require no prep work-they come ready to cook or eat. There are also organic frozen produce if you prefer.
  6. Purchase apples, oranges, potatoes and onions in 3 or 5 pound bags. It costs more to purchase these foods individually.
  7. Purchase nuts, grains, beans and spices in the bulk section of your grocery store. The unit price is much cheaper and you can get only the amount you need.
  8. Purchase a bag of whole carrots instead of baby carrots. It’s much cheaper to purchase the bag of whole carrots and cut them up yourself. I believe that the whole carrots taste better.
  9. Purchase store brands instead of your favorite brand. They are usually less expensive and taste just as good. Some stores will double your money back if you are not satisfied with their store brand.
  10. Consider serving a meatless meal once a week. Not purchasing meat will definitely help you save money and will be a healthier option for you and your family.

I’m sure that if you implement some of these tips, you will see how much money you can save while continuing to eat healthy. 🙂

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