Organize Your Entire Life with a FREE Calendar App

I know the title of this post may seem a little out there, but stay with me on this. I am going to show you how you can organize your ENTIRE LIFE with a free calendar app by Cozi.

Free Calendar App by Cozi

Free Calendar App by Cozi

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My family and I have been using this free calendar app by Cozi for 10 years. I have tried other apps in the past but always come back to this one. This is also the ONLY app I recommend to my organizing clients and they LOVE it! No other free calendar app has the number of features that Cozi has.

When using the Cozi app you are able to:

  • Coordinate EVERYONE’S schedules and activities in one place! Now everyone can be on the same page. Each member of your family can access the calendar on their own device. They will then be able to view the entire family’s schedule or just their own schedule. Anytime changes are made to the calendar a notification can be sent to let everyone know! This feature has helped my family on numerous occasions when there were last minute appointment changes.
  • Create and track grocery lists! Now you don’t have to keep separate lists or use sticky notes to keep track of your needed grocery items. You’ll have your list at your fingertips while shopping at the store. Also, anyone signed in to your account can view the list and pick up items from the store.  The list feature also works for regular shopping lists, gift lists, school supply lists, and more! This feature is priceless for me and my family during grocery and holiday shopping!
  • Create and manage To-Do or chore lists! Actually, you can create as many task lists as you want! You can create a to-do list for someone else or a chore list for your kids. The great thing about this feature is that the task can be checked off in the app when completed so you can see what has and hasn’t been done. If your kids are too young to access the app themselves, print it out and hang it in a spot where they can see it and check off the items when they are completed. I usually offer rewards for completing the chore list by a certain day or time so I don’t have to constantly check or nag about getting things done.
  • Plan dinner meals!  This is another one of my favorite features of the Cozi app. You have the ability to add your favorite recipes and even save them from a website to the app. Once the recipe is loaded into the app, you can add the ingredients to your grocery list!  Then, drag and drop the recipes onto the calendar so everyone will know what’s for dinner each night.  Another thing I love is that when you are cooking, the screen stays lit so you don’t have to keep touching it to follow the recipe. This helps to keep your device’s screen clean. LOVE THIS!! 🙂
  • Integrate Cozi with other calendars! Currently, Cozi can be integrated with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook. The great thing about this feature is that you can share calendar appointments into Cozi from other calendars or you can add Cozi’s appointments into other calendars. This works well when you subscribe to other calendars for school, sports, or work. Now you don’t have to check multiple calendars…everything is in one place!
  • Pay Nothing…IT’S FREE!! In case you missed it earlier, Cozi is a free calendar app. There is a paid version available, but all of the features I’ve mentioned here are totally free!

If being free isn’t enough reason to try Cozi, how about the fact that Cozi currently has 20 MILLION users, a 4.5-star rating with iTunes and Google Play, and is a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner?

If you’re ready to give Cozi a try, click here to download it today. I’m sure you’ll love it! Let me know in the comments what your favorite feature is or will be. 🙂

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7 Quick Steps to Organize Your Entire Home

Your home should be a place of rest and rejuvenation. If you’re buried in clutter, I’m sure you and your family are not excited to come home every day. So, today I’d like to post 7 quick steps to organize your entire home.

7 quick steps to organize your entire home

7 Quick Steps to Organize Your Entire Home

Here are 7 quick steps to get you started on the road to organizing your home:

  1. Start by keeping a trash can in each room (office, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms). This will help you discard trash right away and not set it down on a counter or worse, the floor!
  2. Until you are able to get to some serious organizing, don’t bring any new items into the house.  You might start finding items you thought you lost or didn’t have… they were just buried or put away somewhere forgotten. Wait until you organize the items you currently own before purchasing any new items. Remember, the more things you have, the more things you have to take care of. Less is more!
  3. Place a recycling bin/trash can and shredder wherever you collect the mail. You can immediately shred or trash the mail you don’t intend to read. Place the mail you’d like to keep in a basket or tray to be sorted later.
  4. Do a quick pick up each day. Each night before bed, do a quick run through of the house and put things where they belong. Have the kids help as well if their things are laying around. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes, then enjoy the rest of the evening. In our house, we live by the expression “Everything Has a Place”. If you keep this saying in mind, it will help you maintain order in your home. Everything that enters your home must have a home of its own…if you use something, put it back when you are finished with it. It may seem like more work to stay on top of things, but in the long run, it will save you a lot of time and stress.  If you don’t tend to the objects in your life, they can easily turn into clutter.
  5. Place hampers in everyone’s closet or bathroom. This will eliminate the need to throw dirty clothes and towels on the floor and will make laundry day that much easier.
  6. Put a hook near the entry door. Hang your keys on the hook when you enter the house and then you can just grab them on the way out!
  7. Ask for help! You are not the only person in your house capable of tidying up. Keeping the house in order should be everyone’s responsibility. Teach everyone how to pick up after themselves and the load should feel just a little bit lighter.

If you commit to following these 7 quick steps to organize your entire home, I am sure you will start to feel the stress of clutter begin to melt away. You and your family will begin to feel calmer and possibly more connected. Hopefully, this feeling will inspire you to tackle the entire house…a little at a time…room by room.

What daily tip does your family implement to keep clutter under control? Share them in the comments! 🙂

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Quick and Easy Tips to Organize Your Bookcase

Organizing your bookcase shouldn’t take much time and is something that can be accomplished within an hour (if you stay focused 😉 ) Read on for quick and easy tips to organize your bookcase.

quick and easy tips to organize your bookcase

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First, you will need to empty the bookcase and give it a good cleaning.

As you remove the books, weed out those you no longer need or want. Put them in a pile to sell or donate.

Sort the remaining books in categories on the floor. You can sort them by topic, color, by the book’s size or you could choose to sort them alphabetically…whichever works best for you.

When sorting the books, be sure to place the larger books on the bottom of the pile and smaller books on the top.

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Ok, now the fun begins!

I believe that bookcases should “breathe”. That means that bookcases should not be full of books, but should have some sort of personality.

Take a walk around your home and collect items to display in your bookcase. Look for large, heavy items to use as bookends and smaller items to place between books. You can use vases, picture frames, plants, or anything you would like to display.

Don’t worry too much about the color scheme. Your books will be colorful, so your accessories can be also.

Now you can begin filling your bookcase. Place books upright with the spine facing out. Taller books go towards the edges of the bookcase and shorter ones are towards the center. Leave space open between the two sets of books for a display piece.

You can also mix it up by placing books upright and on their sides.  Try placing small items on top of the horizontal books to add visual interest.

Another option is to fill your shelves 75% and use accessories to fill in the remaining 25%. One shelf would begin on the right and leave the left side open for display, another shelf would begin on the left and leave the right side open.

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Be sure to change the way the books are displayed on each shelf so it doesn’t look too matchy-matchy.

Here’s a great tip to follow when placing your accessories on the shelves: Always think in odd numbers and apply it to 2 of the shelves. Example: Place 3 accessories on one shelf and then place 2 on the shelf above or below it. This trick helps balance the bookshelf and keeps it from having a boring feel.

If your bookcase is in a spot where there are small children, consider putting baskets on the bottom shelf to house toys.

As you can see, following these quick and easy tips to organize your bookcase won’t take much time and your room will feel more organized once you are finished.

How do you organize your bookcase? Do you have any tips to add? Let me know in the comments!

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