Decorating: Understand Your Space & Create A Plan

Now that you have determined your decorating style, it’s time to understand your space so you can create a plan of action.

Understand your space

Understand Your Space and Create a Decorating Plan

In order to understand your space, there are a few principles to keep in mind: Scale, Proportion, Line, Balance, Harmony & Rhythm.

Scale refers to how the size of something relates to the size of something else.

Proportion refers to the relationship of objects to one another based on size. You have achieved good scale when all parts are proportionately correct. It takes patience and experimentation to get this right, so work with it until you are satisfied.

Line– Vertical lines display strength and has a formal look. Example: Columns; Horizontal lines have a relaxing feel. Example: Bed; Diagonal lines represents motion and change Example: Gable; Curved lines represents freedom and sensuality. Example: Winding Path

Try to incorporate multiple lines into your plan with furniture and accessories.

Balance– Everything should be distributed evenly throughout the space and feel natural and comfortable to the eye. The items can be situated symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetry feels more formal and traditional with same sized objects placed opposite of each other. Placement must be identical. Asymmetry refers to different sized objects place opposite each other and can be pleasing if the scale is correct. Asymmetry has an informal feel and is typically used in contemporary settings.

Harmony is when all the elements relate to one another. Example: matching styles, colors and patterns. Harmony pulls the room together.

Rhythm refers to repeating patterns and moves you around the room. The key to making harmony and rhythm work is balance. Alway add at least one contrasting element for interest.

Creating Your Plan:

First, find out what you like and don’t like about the space. Try to work with the space instead of against it.

Next, walk around the room and see if there is an easy flow. Look at how the furniture is arranged and if it is attractive. Is there a focal point in the room? Does the room feel cozy? Is the size of the furniture relative to the space?

Take measurements of the room and furniture to see how they will be arranged in the space.

Make a sketch in freehand. Pencil in electrical outlets, switches, cable outlets, phone jacks, heat registers and light fixtures. Draw plans on 1/4 inch graph paper. Each square equals one foot.

Create furniture templates based on the 1/4 inch scale. You can find a simple template here or search furniture store websites for other options.

Now that you have the information on how to understand your space and create a plan for decorating it, you are probably looking at the rooms in your home differently, and thinking about the changes you can make to create the home you’ve been dreaming of. 🙂

Are these concepts new to you, or have you been incorporating them all along? I’d love to know!

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