15 Popular Ways to Use the Magic Eraser

I have to admit, I love the Magic Eraser! I have been using it for years, and have decided to share what I know about it’s many uses. Here are 15 popular ways to use the magic eraser.

15 popular ways to use the Magic Eraser

15 Popular Ways to Use the Magic Eraser

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I want to note that I have used the store brand erasers and they work just as well as the Mr. Clean brand. The store brands also costs less. :)So, when I refer to the Magic Eraser, I am referring to the store brands as well.


Here are a few things the Magic Eraser can do:

  • Cleans the inside of your oven door
  • Removes soap scum from the shower door
  • Cleans mirrors in the bathroom so they don’t fog up
  • Removes the sticky stuff that is left behind when you take off stickers or price tags
  • Removes rust and stains on the countertop
  • Removes nail polish stains
  • Removes toilet bowl rings (cut a small piece and leave it in the toilet overnight)
  • Cleans tile and grout
  • Removes food stains inside plastic food containers
  • Removes marker and ink stains
  • Removes crayon marks from walls
  • Removes set-in stains inside glass and plastic pitchers
  • Cleans stains from gas cooktop
  • Cleans pots and pans with cooked-on stains
  • Removes stains inside dishwasher

Seriously, this thing is amazing and is capable of MUCH more. This list is only scratching the surface of what the Magic Eraser can do!

The only downside that I have noticed is that they don’t last very long. To make them last longer, I cut them into 4 pieces, and only lightly mist them with water (if you saturate them, they will shrivel up). When they get dirty, I mist a different area on the eraser and keep on cleaning.

I also use them to clean things that are giving me trouble, or are not coming off with regular cleaners.

How have you used the Magic Eraser? Let me know…I’m always up for learning new things! 😉

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8 thoughts on “15 Popular Ways to Use the Magic Eraser

  1. teenydot says:

    Love magic erasers! Some great tips to keep in mind. We have used them many times when moving into a new apartment. They has removed grease/other messes from the oven, messes in the fridge and have removed nicotine from the walls/blinds (all from a previous tenant). I also use them all the time to clean my classroom. Occasionally, they have the Mr. Clean brand at Dollartree and we will pick up a few packs if we see them there 🙂

    • SimpLeighOrganized says:

      I’m telling you, they are amazing! Whenever I try to clean something and it doesn’t come off completely, I get my Magic Eraser and away it goes! I’ll have to keep my eye out for them at the Dollar Tree so I can stock up. Thanks for your comment!

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