10 Ideas for Clutter-Free Gift Giving

As an organizer, I often notice that it is hard for my clients to part with gifts that were given to them a long time ago. Oftentimes these gifts are no longer useful, but are kept for sentimental reasons or because they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the gift-giver.  Here are some ideas for clutter-free gift giving that I’m sure they’ll love!

Clutter-Free Gift Giving

Clutter-Free Gift Giving

The following 10 gifts will not take up any space and will help the person receiving the gift wind down from all the holiday craziness. 🙂

  1. Movie tickets
  2. Gift cards to restaurants
  3. Prepaid cleaning service
  4. Car wash certificates
  5. A day or service at a spa
  6. Gift card to get a haircut or nails done
  7. Food/Flowers/Wine of the Month Clubs
  8. Homemade food or desserts
  9. iTunes gift card
  10. Redbox gift card

If you keep in mind the personality and interests of the person you are presenting the gift to, it should be easy to find the perfect clutter-free gift that will not clutter up their home!

What ideas do you have for clutter-free gift giving?

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26 thoughts on “10 Ideas for Clutter-Free Gift Giving

  1. Sherry Brady says:

    My husband and I gift our niece and nephew a season pass to their local waterpark. It gives them something to look forward to after Christmas is over! The waterpark also includes several free food items and a couple of VIP guest passes if you buy the pass early and don’t wait until warm weather arrives. This has been a hit through their ‘tween and teenage years and their parents have enjoyed knowing they’ll never hear “I’m bored!” during the summer 🙂

  2. Valerie Van S says:

    Those are great ideas. I am all for keeping things simple. My latest post was on not giving out Christmas Cards… hope I don’t get booed by my family 🙂

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