Decorating the Bathroom on a Budget

It is possible to add personality to your bathroom and even create an oasis of tranquility and calm.

decorate bathroom on a budget

When decorating the bathroom, coordinate the colors with the ones used in the bedroom. A powder room can be decorated with stronger colors, but be sure to keep balance in mind.

If you keep the bathroom walls neutral, you can change the design of the bathroom whenever you feel like it by changing out the shower curtains, towels and countertop accessories.

Try to create a focal point at the sink or tub. On the countertop, you could display a collection of bath goodies or a pretty vase. Create a focal point around the tub by hanging an interesting shower curtain or placing a basket filled with rolled bath towels nearby.

Drawer pulls, shower head, and faucets should all match by style and color.

Add a wall cabinet or shelves behind the toilet to hold decorative items like pictures or candles.

Place a pretty holder or basket near the toilet to hold extra rolls of paper.

Glass containers that hold bath beads, salts, cotton balls, Q-tips, and soaps add personality and interest if placed on an attractive tray.

When selecting your bath mat, choose a cotton one that matches your towels and can be washed easily.

Adding a tub pillow and candles can turn your bathroom into an instant spa.

Just because you shower, brush your teeth, and put your makeup on in this room doesn’t mean the room has to be boring.

If you carry over the design and feel that you have in your master bedroom, your bathroom will become a room you’ll enjoy hanging out in rather than trying to get in and out as fast as you can!

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9 thoughts on “Decorating the Bathroom on a Budget

  1. Kathleen says:

    Nice bathrooms play a big part when selling a house, so they are important. I like your tip on the bath mat, having one that is easy to wash and dry. No more of the big thick fluffy ones with rubber on the back.
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  2. Jen says:

    Oddly enough, I hadn’t thought about using a neutral color in my bathroom but when I’m ready to paint, I will now! The cotton bath mat is also another great tip. I bought one awhile ago and I love it. I’ll never go back to the older rubberized ones again. I’ll come back to this post when I’m ready to start organizing!

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