It’s Time to Declutter When…

You know it’s time to declutter when…

it's time to declutter

It’s Time to Declutter When…

  • You can’t see the floor
  • Your closets are stuffed
  • You say to yourself: “I know it’s here somewhere”
  • You’re constantly looking for lost items
  • You look in your storage room and have no idea what’s in there
  • You say “I’ll straighten that up later”

Here are a few reasons to get organized and clear the clutter:

  • You’ll know where things are and be able to get out of the door quicker.
  • You will feel relieved to know things are in order and be able to concentrate on other things.
  • Having less clutter will create a relaxing environment.
  • You’ll have more energy because the thought of clutter will no longer drain you.
  • Everything will look better when things that are broken, dirty or unusable are removed from the room.
  • You will enjoy being home more.

If you feel the need to organize and declutter, but don’t know where to start, 7 Simple Organizing Tips You Can Begin Today! can help you get started.

What are your reasons for decluttering your home! I’d like to know! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “It’s Time to Declutter When…

  1. Jen says:

    I can’t wait until my house is better organized! I’ve been working on it slowly and really trying to see where organization is needed rather than just stuffing stuff wherever.

    It especially drives me crazy when we have to constantly go buy new things because we can’t find the ones we have, like scissors.

  2. sage_brush says:

    I’ve been organizing my sewing room slowly for the past few months. I never had a sewing room before, and while home schooling my kids for 25 years, and caring for an invalid family member – my sewing stuff was smashed and shuffled together simply because I had other priorities.

    Today – I reaped the benefits of my color sorted buttons. One of my son’s dress shirts was missing a button. I just grabbed the jar with the same color buttons, and voila! It took less than 10 seconds to find the perfect button, and another minute to sew it on. Sigh. . . Thank you, Jesus.

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