10 Free Ways to Decorate Your Home

Here are 10 free ways to decorate your home. Sometimes just changing one or two small things in a room can give it a whole new look and feel.

10 free ways to decorate your home

10 Free Ways to Decorate Your Home

  1. To make your ceilings appear taller, hang your curtains above the window frame. You can even hang them just below the ceiling. When doing this, you need to be sure that the curtain reaches the floor or the bottom of the window sill, so check the length of the curtains before hanging the rods.
  2. If your living and/or family room lacks a warm, cozy feel, consider adding extra pillows to the sofa and loveseat. Non-matching pillows will give the room an interesting vibe. See if you can find pillows in other rooms.
  3. Add color to blah-looking rooms by adding a colorful blanket or throw. Just take a look around the room for color inspiration.
  4. Rethink your furniture layout. Move pieces around until it feels good to you. If your furniture is up against the wall, try moving them into groups to encourage conversation.
  5. Decorate with fruit. No need to purchase fake fruit, just pull some out of your fridge and put them in bowls or clear vases. You could display oranges, lemons and limes in the summer and apples in the fall and winter.
  6. Update your mantel with items in the same color. Go through your home and collect anything in that color family. You could use plates, frames, books, vases or photos…anything goes.
  7. When accessorizing around the room, place items in groups of 3 or 5. These arrangements are more interesting to the eye. More than 7 pieces will begin to look like clutter.
  8. A wine rack can double as storage for rolled towels. Very pretty when you select 2-3 different colored towels.
  9. Tie curtains back with colorful scarves or ribbon to give the windows a new look.
  10. Hang jewelry on the wall. You can use small hooks or 3M command hooks. I have even seen jewelry hung inside a picture frame with the glass removed. Hanging your jewelry on the wall will add instant glam and color to the room. An added bonus: now you can see all of your jewelry and wear them more often!

So, there you have it- 10 free ways to decorate your home. 🙂

Leave me a comment and let me how you decorate your home for free.

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  1. Ronda Waters says:

    Reblogged this on t h e . r e f u r b i s h e d . l i f e and commented:
    I have some wonderful young women (many newly married… woo hoo!) in my life who ask me to help them decorate their homes. “OF COURSE!” is generally my response. And because many of them, and many of you, are kindred spirits in that we all want simple, inexpensive ideas on how to decorate, these tips from SimpLeigh Organized will rock your socks off! :: xo – Ronda

  2. lifetheuniverseandblogs says:

    Some of these I’m not sure qualify as ‘free’–I don’t know about most people, but I don’t have colorful throws or accent pillows just laying around. But the jewelry idea I’ve already done; I actually make jewelry boards out of leftover cardboard, my birthday card envelopes (only the ones with stamps, for interest), and clear push-pins. Each held six necklaces, so I scattered them across the wall. I wore my necklaces so much more often after I’d done that!

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