The Best Way to Organize Kid Stuff

The best way to organize kid stuff is to have the child help to keep it clean and organized.

organize kid stuff

Organize Kid Stuff

Generally, kids will put things away if the item has a place to go. If an item doesn’t have a home, the child will not know where it belongs and just drop it on the floor.

Before you decide where to store items, first decide which ones should be kept, donated or thrown away. This will help you see exactly what is left and what will need to be organized.

As you are going through the items, group them together by category: puzzles, games, books, stuffed animals, dolls, video games, movies, dress up, arts & crafts, etc.

When deciding on storage solutions, it’s best to start with a system that can expand as the child gets older.

Storage solutions work best if they are at the child’s level. The easiest way to create an expandable system is to use stackable storage cubes at the child’s height. As the child grows, you can add more cubes for more storage. Bookcases work well also-just be sure to attach them to the wall so they don’t tip over.

If you would like to use shelves, they should be low enough for the child to reach the items on the shelf without needing to climb up to get it. As the child grows, you can continue adding shelves up the wall for additional storage. Place 2 medium-sized bins or one large bin under the lowest shelf to maximize storage on the floor.

A pegboard with a shelf can be handy in a child’s bedroom to hold jackets, pj’s, sweaters, hats, belts, dress up clothes, etc. Hang it at your child’s height and raise it when needed. The top shelf can hold stuffed animals and other soft items to prevent injury if it falls off the shelf.

A toy chest is good for storing large toys. Avoid putting small toys in chests because they get mixed up and lost and become difficult to find. Try using small bins or sliding plastic bins for small toys to help maintain order. Over the door shoe hangers work well for storing small toys also.

Another option to contain toys is to use a large tote bag. Use it to hold toys that your child carries from room to room.

If you are tight on space, consider using the space under your child’s bed for storage. There are under the bed containers available-measure under the bed before purchasing anything to make sure it will fit.

Look for bins and baskets to hold and organize art supplies.

If the room is large enough, you can add a desk where they can do their homework. The desk should have a drawer for writing supplies and a shelf attached or nearby for books. There should also be ample room to spread out and work on the desktop.

Since clothes will change in size as the child grows, choose a closet system that can be modified. Hang a double rod in the closet and hang out-of-season clothes on the top rod and in-season clothes on the lower rod where they can reach them. Another idea is to install a shower tension rod about 3 feet below the existing rod. This will give you more hanging space than the double rod hangers you will find in the store.

Add a hamper to the closet to minimize towels and clothes laying all over the floor.

In a playroom, add an adjustable table and chairs for arts and crafts, puzzles, games and tea time.

Remember that all of their toys do not need to be out at one time. It is best to rotate their toys every few months so they seem fresh and new and will be played with. Rotating toys will also help keep the mess to a minimum because there are fewer toys to scatter about.

Organizing your child’s bedroom or playroom isn’t hard, but it is hard work keeping it organized. Having a specific place for everything will help your child know exactly where things belong and ensure that they will put them back when they are done playing with them.

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