Make a Great First Impression by Organizing the Foyer

make a great first impression by Organizing the Foyer

Make a Great First Impression by Organizing the Foyer

The entryway or foyer is the first place guests see when they enter your home. It is also where your family will store their shoes, coats, keys and bags. A cluttered foyer can slow you down from getting out of the house in the morning.

These tips will show you how to make a great first impression by organizing the foyer.

Before you begin to organize your foyer, take a look at where you will store coats. If you have a coat closet, use it only for coats, shoes, bags and outdoor gear. Try not to stuff it with other items not needed in the entry space. If you don’t have a closet, you can use hooks, pegs or even a standing coat rack.

Place a basket or two on the shelf in the closet to store gloves, scarves and hats. You can also hang an over-the-door shoe organizer on the closet door to hold the items in separate compartments.

Install a hook near the door you enter your home and hang your keys there. That way, when you are leaving the house, you won’t waste time looking for them.

Find an attractive way to store items like loose change, sunglasses or mail by using baskets, or small decorative bowls.

Place a basket or shoe rack near the door or in the coat closet to keep shoes from getting out of control. Taking your shoes off when you enter your home will decrease the amount of germs that enter and will help keep your floors clean. Empty the shoe basket every few days to avoid shoes getting lost at the bottom.

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Umbrellas should be stored standing up. They can get damaged if laid on their sides. Look for attractive trash cans (wicker or wire mesh) to hold umbrellas near the door or in the closet. Make sure there is plenty of air circulation for the umbrellas to dry effectively.

If you have enough space in your entryway or foyer, consider adding some type of seating for putting on and taking off shoes. A bench, chair or ottoman will do the trick. If you can find an ottoman with storage inside, you’ve hit the jackpot! Now you can store additional items in the ottoman and keep it from cluttering up your entryway.

Hopefully, these ideas will get you inspired to organize your foyer. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Put your best foot forward and enjoy your organized foyer!

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8 thoughts on “Make a Great First Impression by Organizing the Foyer

  1. Mege says:

    Our situation is mildly impossible. We use the back door most of the time, which opens directly into the kitchen. The up-side is that the foyer in front is usually pretty presentable, but oboy, the kitchen counters always have some kid’s keys or wallet strewn on them.

    I really like your photo, though. That’s something to aspire to!!

    • SimpLeighOrganized says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment. I have actually worked with a family with a situation like yours. They also entered through the back door (garage) and we were able to create a little “mudroom” in the garage. If there is space, you could add a shelf that has hooks underneath to hold keys or jackets. The shelf could hold the wallets and other small things that are usually tossed onto the kitchen counter. If not, maybe a tray on the counter would help to keep everything in one place. I hope that helps! 🙂

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