10 Foolproof Ways to Make Your House Feel Like a Home

Have you ever visited someone’s home for the first time and instantly felt comfortable and at ease? That person knows how to make a house feel like a home and you can too! 🙂 Here’s how to make your house feel like a home…

Make Your House Feel Like a Home

How to Make Your House Feel Like a Home

  • Incorporate a calm and relaxing scent to your home by using candles, plug ins, potpourri, or air sprays. The scent will relax you as soon as you or your guests enter your home. Examples of relaxing scents would be lavender, vanilla, and cinnamon.  A scent of something baking is always relaxing and usually brings up warm, fuzzy memories of childhood. My favorite scent is Lavender Vanilla from Yankee Candle!
  • Place pillows and throws on sofas and chairs. This will invite others to get comfy and stay a while! Pillows and throws add a softness to the seating area that just makes you want to sink into it.
  • Situate plants around the room. I personally believe that a room is not complete until there are a few plants in it. It adds some life and color that finishes off the room. You can also use fresh flowers and get the same effect, but it may be more expensive than plants.
  • Coordinate the colors of your rooms. When the colors of the rooms are similar, it allows your eyes to rest while looking around. If you decide to paint the walls, select a warm color. If you can’t decide between two colors, use one for the lower level and decorate the upstairs with the other color.

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  • Add family photos throughout your home. They can be placed on end tables or you can create a photo or gallery wall. This shows the members of your family that they are important and will give them a warm feeling whenever they pass by it.
  • Lamps, Lamps, Lamps! I can’t stress enough how important lamps are to a room. During the day, they add design and symmetry to the room and a soft glow at night. It feels nice to turn off the harsh overhead lights and turn on the lamps at night. Instant warmth!
  • Find an area in your home to display collectibles. It could be anything, (travel souvenirs, diplomas, certificates, trophies, dishes, etc.) but keep them together. Collectibles are more interesting when displayed in groups rather than spread all over the house.
  • Display a few books and magazines to give your house a lived-in feel. Don’t just buy and display the books…be sure to read them!
  • Focus on your entryway. If you have a place for everything when you enter your home, you will feel more relaxed. If you create a space for shoes, coats, umbrellas and keys at the door, you won’t have to search for them when it’s time to leave the house.

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  • Place something soft under your feet. If you have hardwood floors, consider adding an area rug to soften things up. Think about putting a rug under the kitchen table, dining room table or in the family room.

Hopefully these 10 foolproof ways to make your house feel like a home will inspire you to make some changes so your family and friends will feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting your home.

What tips do you have to add to make your house feel warm and inviting? Leave them in the comments. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “10 Foolproof Ways to Make Your House Feel Like a Home

  1. Kelly @RaisingSamuels says:

    Amazing advice, Leigh! I love being able to walk into someone’s house and be able to feel at home, and I love how people feel like that at my house also. Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂

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