Capsule Wardrobe-What Is It?

Ok. Here’s something I had not heard of until recently. Maybe I’d been living under a rock or something, but it is a wonderful idea!

It’s called a Capsule Wardrobe. Have you heard of this before?

Capsule Wardrobe

Basically, building a capsule wardrobe is a process where you organize your clothes by selecting a few key pieces and then using those pieces to create multiple outfits.

Creating a capsule wardrobe will ensure that you don’t overspend each season on clothing and eliminates the “I Have Nothing To Wear!” panic we feel quite often.

So here are the steps to create your capsule wardrobe:

  1. Decide on the type of clothing and how many you will need.  Be sure to include the following items: dress pants, little black dress, jeans, t shirts, sandals, ballet flats, high heels, boots, purses, blazers, sweaters, shorts, skirts, button down shirts, regular shirts, jackets, scarves, coats and tanks. (Of course you will eliminate items if you know you don’t need them or add items if I don’t have them on the list)
  2. Next decide on a color scheme. Select 2 colors for items like pants, skirts, purses and shoes. These colors should be able to mix and match with most other colors. Black, gray and navy are usually good picks.
  3. Now select two other colors to act as accents to your wardrobe. They will be the colors for your tops, shirts, sweaters, etc.
  4. When purchasing items, stay within your preselected color choices and all of your clothes will be able to play nicely together and you will always have an outfit for any occasion! 😉

Some people like to create a capsule wardrobe for each season (3 month period) and others prefer to create a spring/summer and a fall/winter capsule wardrobe.

Ideally, you should have about 35 items per season and you can carry items over from season to season, if needed.

I am really loving this idea and have already gone through my clothes and organized them this way. It has helped me see that there are clothes that I own that really don’t connect with anything else, but I also noticed that I gravitate towards certain colors each season.

Check out Pinterest for more ideas on creating your own capsule wardrobe.

Have you heard of this concept before or am I the last one to find out about it? If you organize your clothes this way, let me know how it’s working out for you! 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe-What Is It?

  1. Melissa says:

    Have heard of this but your post made it seem much more doable then it seemed before. Great post. With a change in my job is totally need to work this into my new wardrobe needs

  2. Mrs. AOK says:

    I have heard of a capsule wardrobe, it sounds intriguing, I seriously have considered, but….. I’ve yet to embrace it.
    Thanks for sharing with us at Mommy Monday!

  3. LeSwartz says:

    Why am I just now hearing about this?! Like others have mentioned I have been doing this in my head for years but as a visual person this will come in handy, thank you!

  4. Runwright says:

    This is a great idea. I’ve seen the term capsule wardrobe floating around but never really took the time to explore. It’s built on the idea of the basic wardrobe but regardless, I like the capsule more.
    I probably should go through and pare down my wardrobe – at least my non-formal clothes – into this arrangement.
    Thanks for sharing this. Ill be pinning this post.
    http://Runwright. Net

  5. Jeanette says:

    Hi. Yes, I have heard of that but not dubbed capsule wardrobe . It is a great idea and avoids unnecessary purchases to because you can mix and match all your clothes and create many more outfits this way.

    • SimpLeigh Organized says:

      So good to know I’m not alone! I love it because it is supposed to be a minimalist approach to fashion due to the fact that you’re only working with a certain number of items. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  6. growingsnowballs| Glenda Smith says:

    Subconsciously I’ve been doing this for years. I hadn’t heard of Capsule Wardrobe before either. I thought it was called buying Classical pieces that you can add and subtract to with the seasons. Thank you for updating me on the latest phrase.

    • SimpLeigh Organized says:

      Whew! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one! I’ve also been doing something similar but using this technique really helped me focus more on the type of clothing I have and what I still need. Thanks for commenting!

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