Read These 7 Tips Before Shopping Online!

We all love shopping online, right? Well, at least I do. I prefer shopping online to shopping in crowded stores. Online shopping is especially helpful when our favorite stores are not in close proximity to our homes. So if you love online shopping (like me!), be sure to read these 7 tips before shopping online.

7 tips before shopping online

Read These 7 Tips Before Shopping Online!

  1. Before you even begin, look for the “Sale” or “Clearance” link and start there. Lots of great deals to be had. It’s always the first place I go when visiting a site (especially for toys and gifts).
  2. When shopping for clothes, you can narrow your search and speed things up by filtering what you’re looking for by either size or color or both. This will eliminate the need to scroll for days searching for what you really need. If you’re shopping for toys, filter your search by the age of the child or the type of item you’re looking for…like “arts & crafts” for example.
  3. If you see something you think you may buy, add the item to your cart. You’re not obligated to buy it and if you decide later to purchase it, you don’t have to go back looking for it.  With some sites, if you leave items in your cart for a few days, they will send you a reminder along with a coupon to purchase the items left in your cart. I love when this happens! 🙂
  4. Everyone obviously scrolls down the page, so if there are many pages to choose from, I sometimes will skip to the last page and work my way back to the front. There are usually more options and colors available when I shop this way.
  5. Always check the shipping costs before sealing the deal. When buying sale or clearance items, it may be a better deal to add more items to the cart especially if they are offering a fixed shipping cost.
  6. Be especially aware if any items are marked “Final Sale”. That usually means that it can’t be returned.  Even if it’s not marked “Final Sale”, be sure to check out their return policies.
  7. LOOK FOR COUPONS!!! Sorry for shouting, but this one is so important. I never purchase anything online without a coupon. Most times I am able to score a discount along with free shipping. You can usually find coupons directly on the website or on sites like Retail Me Not, Shop At Home or Ebates.  A few of these sites also offer cash back if you shop from their site.

So, I’m fully aware that not everyone likes to shop online, but hopefully, these tips will be able to help those who do enjoy online shopping as well as those that want to give it a try.

If you have any other online shopping tips to add, please feel free to add your comment! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Read These 7 Tips Before Shopping Online!

  1. duaimei says:

    I am somewhat addicted to window shopping on aliexpress.

    Their filters are pretty terrible, but the items are cute and CHEAP. Sometimes, if you look through a few pages of items, you’ll find the thing you found on the dress you found on the front page available for $50 on sale for $15. I have added some of the items to their wish list options so that I can compare things side-by-side. They let me know when the items are available for cheaper as well.

    This is a very good list, Thank you for sharing!

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