5 Tips to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Unfortunately, the way our master bathroom is designed, we don’t have an official medicine cabinet. Luckily, we have a few drawers and lots of storage space underneath the sinks.

It would have been nice, however, to have a medicine cabinet (or two) installed in our bathroom to free up additional space in the cabinets. I think we will definitely consider adding them when we re-do our bathroom.

If I did have a medicine cabinet, though, I envision it would look something like this:

5 tips to organize your Medicine Cabinet

5 Tips to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Nice, huh? 😉

If you are lucky enough to have one, here are 5 tips to organize your medicine cabinet to help speed up your morning routine and bring some order to your bathroom.

  1. Take everything out of your medicine cabinet and assess what needs to stay or go. Obviously, expired items should be thrown away, but also make decisions about items you haven’t used in a while. It’s ok to purchase and try out products, but you have to know when they’re not working for you and discard them.  You want to keep only your essential, daily items in your medicine cabinet in order to keep it organized.
  2. Look around your home and see if you have similar-looking containers to use for storage. Look for small, white ceramic containers or clear, glass or acrylic ones. You can also decide on a color scheme for your medicine cabinet and look for or purchase small containers to go with those colors. You can store cotton balls, q-tips, hair pins, makeup sponges, nail files, clippers, etc. in the containers. If you are using solid color containers, make sure they are low enough to see what’s inside. Keep small items in see-through containers. Using containers makes it easy to keep everything organized. There shouldn’t be any small, loose items roaming free in the cabinet.
  3. Line the back of the cabinet with adhesive shelf liner before placing items back in. Keep like items together: put your toothbrush, floss and toothpaste in the same container, put your comb and brush in the same container, and keep facial items together, like makeup brushes and face washes. Consider purchasing small shelves (called acrylic risers at The Container Store) This will double the storage space by allowing you to store small items underneath and on top of the shelf.
  4. Mount a magnetic memo board to the inside of the cabinet door. Then you can hang slim, magnetic bins and hooks to hold razors, nail polishes and anything else you need to corral. You can even add magnetic containers to store hair ties and safety pins.
  5. Keep your everyday makeup in a small cosmetic bag so you can just grab the bag, do what you need to do and go.

Hopefully these tips have given you inspiration to organize your medicine cabinet. Let me know if you have any tips to add. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “5 Tips to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

  1. upsidediy says:

    Great tips! Love that medicine cabinet too! I don’t have them in my home, though thinking about putting one in the master bathroom. Now you’ve got me thinking… 😉

    • SimpLeigh Organized says:

      I know, I am wanting one badly now. The good thing is that I can recreate it in my daughter’s bathroom although I know it will not stay anywhere as neat as this one! 🙂 Thanks for your comment and follow. 🙂

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