An Easy Way to Determine Your Decorating Style

Today, I’ll give a brief overview of the most common decorating styles and show you an easy way to determine your decorating style. I’ll also show you how to incorporate your style into your home.

an easy way to determine your decorating style

An Easy Way to Determine Your Decorating Style

Contemporary rooms are uncluttered and decorated with minimal furnishings. Neutrals, black and white are the main colors in the room but punched up with accent colors. When decorating a contemporary room, remember, less is more-no florals, ruffles or details. The furniture pieces have exposed legs and are usually covered in natural fabrics and styled without curves or decorations. The floors need a smooth look with wood, tile or vinyl. To add texture and color to the floor, area rugs are used. Window treatments blend with the wall color.

Traditional rooms are calm and orderly. The furnishings are classic and may seem to be outdated.  Gentle curves are found in the furniture and patterns on the upholstery is common. Wall colors are either very light or very dark. Multicolored florals feel at home in a traditional setting. Traditional homes will have crown molding and chair rails. Shutters, sheers, cornice and valances are common on the windows. You will find lamps, plants, mirrors and books used as accessories and placed in perfect symmetry.

Transitional rooms are a blend of traditional and contemporary design. The room has the classic feeling of traditional but the clean lines of contemporary. The room will have a sophisticated feel with neutral colors, such as creams, grays and black, and the fabrics will be suede, leather or chenille. Accessories are minimal-furniture placement is similar to traditional, but the furniture style will be more like contemporary.

Country rooms are usually made up of muted colors, handmade furniture and accessories and patterns like stripes, floral and checks. Country rooms have a slightly cluttered appearance which adds to the warmth, comfort and charm of the design. Simple window treatments like roman shades and half curtains are found in country rooms. Patchwork quilts, baskets and tinware are often used as accessories in the rooms.

Eclectic rooms have diverse furnishings and fabrics. There are no rules when it comes to designing an eclectic room. Antiques of different periods and countries are often found in the rooms.  Eclectic rooms can have a cluttered, but lived in look. Dark walls and white trim also help to define an eclectic design, however, anything goes!

So, which decorating style are you drawn to? Can you see how you may have incorporated some of these styles in your own home?

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