10 Ways to Eat Healthy and Save Money

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 10 ways to eat healthy and save money at the same time.

10 Ways to Eat Healthy and Save Money

10 Ways to Eat Healthy and Save Money

  1. Purchase plain rolled oats instead of the packets of oatmeal. The packets cost more and the flavored ones add lots of sugar to them.
  2. Purchase canned wild salmon over farm raised. Farm raised may have pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
  3. Purchase 70% lean beef. I know, we’ve been told to purchase the leanest meat possible, but once the meat is cooked, the calories and fat are almost the same. Just be sure to drain the meat well.
  4. Purchase a turkey breast and roast it instead of buying pre-packaged turkey. The turkey breast costs less per pound and has less sodium than deli turkey.
  5. Purchase frozen fruits and vegetables. Frozen fruits and veggies are just as healthy as fresh and they require no prep work-they come ready to cook or eat. There are also organic frozen produce if you prefer.
  6. Purchase apples, oranges, potatoes and onions in 3 or 5 pound bags. It costs more to purchase these foods individually.
  7. Purchase nuts, grains, beans and spices in the bulk section of your grocery store. The unit price is much cheaper and you can get only the amount you need.
  8. Purchase a bag of whole carrots instead of baby carrots. It’s much cheaper to purchase the bag of whole carrots and cut them up yourself. I believe that the whole carrots taste better.
  9. Purchase store brands instead of your favorite brand. They are usually less expensive and taste just as good. Some stores will double your money back if you are not satisfied with their store brand.
  10. Consider serving a meatless meal once a week. Not purchasing meat will definitely help you save money and will be a healthier option for you and your family.

I’m sure that if you implement some of these tips, you will see how much money you can save while continuing to eat healthy. :)

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