Getting Your Guest Room Ready

guest bedroomIf you are expecting overnight guests this holiday weekend or anytime of the year, here are some tips to help you get the room where they will be staying ready for their arrival.

  • Freshen up the bed by changing the sheets and spraying them with a lavender scented spray.
  • Place extra blankets and pillows in the room for added comfort.
  • Consider adding these items to the guest room: alarm clock, tissues, waste basket, bottled water, keys to the house, books, magazines and a disposable camera.
  • Place a reading light next to the bed.
  • Clear space in the dresser, nightstand and closet for your guest’s belongings.
  • In the bathroom, clear off some counter space and add extra hooks for towels.
  • Store extra rolls of toilet paper and air freshener where your guests can see them.
  • Place a basket of toiletries in the guest room or in the bathroom and include: hotel soaps, lotions, shampoo, shower cap, toothbrush (in the package), toothpaste, mini mouthwash, sample sized shave gels and disposable razors.
  • Adding a plug-in air freshener in the room will help keep the room smelling fresh while your guests are staying with you.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to get your room ready for guests. Implementing some of these tips will ensure that your guests will be comfortable and happy in your home! :)

If you have any additional tips to add, please feel free to include them in the comments section.

25 thoughts on “Getting Your Guest Room Ready

  1. Hi Leigh, I found your blog because you stumbled upon mine and gave it a like, as it had to do with organization. I love your entire blog and will read the previous posts as I wish I could be more organized in the house as I am with technology. I am writing more parts on organizing with technology, so watch out for this. I see you already use Pintrest, but I may have some other cool technology suggestions for you to explore. I’m glad you stumbled across my blog, I think you will be a big help to me. Until next time – Love, Peace, and Soul!

  2. Paper/notebook, pens and pencils, television and radio, and I always put a bowl with fresh fruit and a couple of snacks like granola bars and trail mix baggies.

  3. My brother in law just stayed over while we were on vacation and he mentioned that we needed an alarm clock, LOL! Luckily I did a few of these before we left, he said he was comfortable enough, but now I can do a little better for when my parents visit. :)

  4. Great blog! After being guests in a lot of our friends and families home, what a truly necessary piece of information because you tend to take for granted the things in your home. PS. we add nightlights to the hallways or bathrooms for anyone who visits with children. Helps them find their way.

  5. I like these ideas! If only I had a house with a guest room :) I’m going to adapt the list, however, to put together a ‘guest kit’ for when we do have relatives (usually one roommate’s dad or the other’s brother) over, in case they wind up forgetting something, so nobody has to run out to the shops late at night!

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  8. Great ideas. My only add would be to (consider your guests’ allergy, and or sensitivity toward scents, smells, air fresheners) etc. I have terrible allergies and sheets freshened with lavender usually have me coughing for days and give me a headache. Same thing with air fresheners. I appreciate hosts taking those type of things into account before they go on a mission to get the guest room smelling good :)

    • Thanks so much for that information! I never thought of that before. Here we are trying to make things perfect for our guests, and in turn we’re making them feel miserable. :( I will definitely keep that in mind when preparing for our next guest.

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