Organize Your Storage Room

Basement shelvesEveryone has a space in their house that is used as the catchall for everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else in their home. It could be your attic, your basement or even your garage.

When organizing the storage room, it’s a good idea to include metal shelving. Metal shelving is a lot better than wood because it is able to withstand heat and humidity changes.

Plastic storage boxes are great for storing and protecting items and are easy to carry and move around. Choose boxes that have handles and allow you to see the contents inside. If they aren’t clear, label the boxes so you know what’s in them.

Here are some items to include in your storage room:

  • Hooks to help keep items off the floor
  • Snap-lock strips to hold your Swiffer and brooms in place
  • Flashlight in case the power goes out and you need to reset a fuse

When deciding where to store the items, keep similar items together. Sporting equipment can go on a wall or in a bin in the corner. Power tools can be hung on a system of hooks on a pegboard. Papers such as old tax returns and holiday decorations can go in plastic boxes high on a shelf.

It’s not difficult to organize your storage room although it may take some time to get it together. However, it will be time well spent. Having a storage room that is clean and organized will allow you to see what you have and you will be able to find what you need.

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