Mobile Apps That Can Save You Money

I know of a few mobile apps that can save you money. I have been using these apps for the past couple of years to save money for our family. I figured I would share the apps I currently use and find out from you which ones I need to add to my list.

mobile apps that can save you money

Mobile Apps That Can Save You Money

  • My favorite mobile app for saving money is GeoQpons. This app allows me to search for coupons on the go. It has just about every store that I shop at and there always seems to be a coupon available when I need one. All you have to do is search for the store, pull up the coupon and have the cashier scan the coupon on your phone. GeoQpons allows you to save your favorite stores to make searching quicker. It also offers a barcode scanner for you to check prices while shopping.
  • Another one of my favorites is The Coupons App. This app allows you to search for the lowest gas prices nearby and it also has a barcode scanner. You can also search for coupons on the go and have the cashier scan your phone to apply the coupon to your order. I like having this app because The Coupons App will sometimes have a coupon or store that GeoQpons doesn’t have.
  • Ibotta is a different kind of app. This one pays you to purchase items so you can actually make money while shopping! After installing the app, select the offers you like, purchase the products and then take a picture of the receipt. After scanning the barcodes of the items you purchased, money is deposited into your PayPal account (or you can donate the money to a U.S. school of your choice).
  • Shopkick is an app that will reward you with “kicks” just for walking into certain stores. Shopkick also offers kicks for scanning specific items while shopping in the store. You can redeem your kicks for a gift card to your favorite store or you can donate them to charity.
  • RedLaser Barcode app allows you to search millions of products while shopping to find the best prices. You can even purchase the item through the app.
  • And last but not least is the Groupon app. You can save anywhere from 50-90% off of things to do, see and eat near you. You can also buy and redeem your Groupons right from your phone.

I’ve tried other apps in the past, but continue to return to these. The above mobile apps seem to handle the majority of my shopping needs while saving me a lot of money.

Do you use any of these apps? Do you have any suggestions for other mobile apps that can save you money?

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